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Chapter One

She had beautiful long blonde hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. She always portrayed as a princess by her friends back then and they really love to…

Apa yang terlintas dipikiranmu tentang “kaktus”?

Kaktus, tanaman berduri, walau berduri, itulah caranya melindungi diri.

Bila diperhatikan luarnya, kaktus tak menarik sedikit pun, bukan?

Kaktus, ia biasanya tumbuh pada daerah panas dan kering. Lalu apakah cukup dengan bantuan sinar matahari, tanpa air ia dapat bertahan hidup?

Jawabannya iya.

Kaktus, tanaman…

Chapter I

Or so the King and his people call their city. Malgos is the capital of the Northern Kingdom, located right at the edge of the continent, and was the most prominent city of all Northern Continent. Before the First Great War ends, Malgos was…


A giant fireball that bigger than a house rampaging from the sky towards a camp as its target.

The blinding light and the scorching fire was the last thing that…


A man in a robe with a stressed look on his face shouts in front of the town’s library.

“The Thief even threatens me with a dagger in my neck!!!”

“So… what is missing good sir?”

Two men in red uniform stand in front of…

Chapter Ten

Chapter Nine


Eve suddenly put a book on the table. I was in the dining room eating my breakfast with Eve and Anne. The morning was bright and I keep remembering everything that happened last night in my dream.

“What is this?” I asked.

“A book about a…

Chapter Eight

Chapter Seven


“Yes, are you the type to charge at everything like Gabe? …

Chapter Six

Ah… the same dream again.

The green soldiers shout their war cry.
The red enemies respond with dozens of flying fire arrows.
The civilians were in turmoil. Some were running…


A conscious dreamer

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